AAA Greencell🌱Soy Protein Beverage Powder




1. What is peptide?

It is a substance between amino acid and protein, and it is a conjugate that is linked by two or more amino acids with peptide bonds.

2. What is small molecules peptide?

It is a substance consisting of 2-4 amino acids and it is one of the forms of intestinal absorption of proteins. Small molecules peptides are easily absorbed by the intestine because of their small molecular weight, because of this, they do not exert any physiological effects. It is only a form in which proteins are absorbed. It can be used for health care and even to cure illness.

3. Who needs to consume peptide?

•Long-term medication, weak body, flu, poor immunity, always sick, anemia, blood loss, scald, bum, fatigue, diet, gastrointestinal inflammation/ulcer, constipation, young child, elderly, athlete, malnutrition

•Digestive diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, endocrine disorders, fatty liver, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis

•Wound healing, leukemia, patient recovery period

•Want to have health, reverse aging, prolong life, mental workers, young people who are nervous, and people who rarely exercise 4. 13 Magical Effects

•Improve Intestinal Absorption

•Enhance the Body’s Immunity

•Regulate Blood Sugar

•Regulate Blood Lipid

•Regulate Harmone Levels

•Promote Metabolism

•Anti sport Fatigue

•Reproductive Function

•Nerve Function

•Cells Function

•Immunity Function

•Lower Blood Pressure

•Anti Oxidant


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